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Paslanmaz Çelik

We are working hardly to offer stainless steel materials used in various industrial fields of each region of Turkey such as elevator car, door and buttons, decorative and architectural stainless steel applications, automotive supplier industry, textile machinery production industry, food industry, industrial kitchen industry with a reasonable price, high quality and with a large spectrum and to provide our services in an efficient way.

Architectural and decorative stainless steel plates, colored stainless steel plates, linen, square, leather, diamond patterned stainless steels and stainless steel sheets and rolls with quality of 304, 430 and 316 and also 309- 310 on 2B, BA, Satine, Scotch Brite surfaces are among our main product group.

  Paslanmaz Harf
  Patterned Stainless Steel     Decorative Stainless Steel



It is produced by stainless steel having super mirror no8 surface with AISI 304/DIN 4301 quality.
It can be applied easily in indoor and outdoor places to cover ceilings, walls, floors and columns.
It can be applied as covering by sticking it to all kind of metal and wooden or other materials.
It is resistant to external factors and long lasting and it can be cleaned easily.
Our products can be processed by laser, panch, guillotine and bending machines. It can be cut in any form and it can be flexed 90 degree and any break and rupture appear on surface.
It is the most long lasting and esthetic materials among other materials used in decoration.
It can be used in hotels, in advertising industry, in exhibition stands, restaurants, in production of elevators, lighting materials, wood, in automotive accessories, in medical products, in production of fireplaces and in all places that you can use your creativity.